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BFG Supply

BFG Supply distributes a full line of professional horticulture and lawn & garden products including containers, growing media, chemicals, fertilizer, seed and greenhouse equipment to the green industry, which includes professional growers, regional lawn & garden centers and greenhouses.


How We Partnered

Transaction Dynamics

A partnership with management to acquire the Company from its previous owner. Management also invested in the company as part of the transaction.

Investment Thesis

  • Loyal customer relationships and recurring orders resulting from its leading ordering platform and reputation for strong customer service
  • Expansive product portfolio with several proprietary brands
  • Opportunities to drive organic growth through geographic expansion and sales force expansion
  • Fragmented market with numerous add-on acquisition opportunities

Incline Value Enhancement

  • Invest in proprietary brands to increase product awareness and customer attachment rates
  • Pursue add-on acquisitions
  • Institutionalize the onboarding process to accelerate expansion of the sales force
  • Expand existing geographic footprint through acquisitions or greenfields

Burton, OH




Value-added Distribution




January 2020

Incline has a proven track record of working with similar businesses to accelerate growth through investments in technology to streamline operations and further enhance customer service. Incline’s expertise is the perfect overlap with our strategic needs, and their approach to partnership aligned well with us culturally. We are excited to work with the entire Incline team.

Dave Daily, President & Chief Executive Officer

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