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Continental Batteries

Continental Batteries is a leading distributor of aftermarket batteries to the electric utility vehicle (EUV), automotive, commercial, marine and industrial markets.


How We Partnered

Transaction Dynamics
A partnership with management to acquire the Company from family ownership. Management made a meaningful investment in the company as part of the transaction.

Investment Thesis

  • Strong customer value proposition owing to technical knowledge, rapid delivery, and value-added services including inventory rotation, recharging and warranty fulfillment
  • Multiple growth levers including entering adjacent end markets, opening new locations and M&A driven by highly fragmented market
  • Stable, non-cyclical revenue growth due to aftermarket focus and “mission critical” nature of products
  • Limited exposure to commodity volatility from “closed-loop” model of collecting and recycling spent batteries
  • Attractive margins, cash flow profile, and deal dynamics

Incline Value Enhancement

  • Facilitated leadership transition for exiting family owners
  • Expanded management team to support platform growth
  • Completed 21 acquisitions to expand geographic footprint, product catalog, and sales channels
  • Instituted strategic pricing and vendor rebate programs
  • Implemented fleet management and additional IT infrastructure to support growth

Dallas, Texas




Value-added Distribution


December 2017

Continental Batteries Story

Hear more about why Continental Batteries chose Incline

Incline has been an instrumental partner to Continental. Incline helped us formulate a strategy and playbook to amplify our approach to making acquisitions. Additionally, they significantly invested in the management team and operations of the business to ensure the infrastructure could support the accelerated pace of growth. We have a strong foundation as we enter our next partnership.

Eric Royse, President and Chief Executive Officer

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