Continental Batteries

The Story

Continental Batteries is a leading distributor of aftermarket batteries to automotive, commercial, golf, marine, and industrial users.

Transaction Dynamics
A partnership with management to acquire the Company from family ownership. Management made a meaningful investment in the company as part of the transaction.

Investment Thesis

  • Strong customer value proposition owing to technical knowledge, rapid delivery, and value-added services including inventory rotation, recharging and warranty fulfillment
  • Multiple growth levers including entering adjacent end markets, opening new locations and M&A driven by highly fragmented market
  • Stable, non-cyclical revenue growth due to aftermarket focus and “mission critical” nature of products
  • Limited exposure to commodity volatility from “closed-loop” model of collecting and recycling spent batteries
  • Attractive margins, cash flow profile, and deal dynamics

Incline Value Enhancement

  • Support organic growth within existing footprint and new geographies
  • Drive M&A activity
  • Develop and augment management team to support future growth
  • Improve operational performance through investments in infrastructure & technology


Dallas, Texas


Value-added Distribution

Investment Date

December 2017





It was important for us to find a partner that could support our growth within the existing footprint as well as in new geographies. With Incline’s partnership, we will be able to not only serve our current clients better, but also serve new markets. Jim McCann, President

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