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The Story

Profile Products is a global developer and manufacturer of engineered horticultural growing media, erosion control products and soil amendments. The company’s products, including hydraulic mulch and soil conditioners, are cost-effective and environmentally-friendly solutions to a variety of end markets such as sports fields, golf courses, waste management, civil and private construction, horticulture and energy.

Transaction Dynamics

A partnership with management to acquire the Company from its previous private equity owner. Management made a meaningful investment in the company as part of the transaction.  Incline’s strong understanding of the Company’s value proposition and fit with the Management team made Incline Management’s preferred choice of partner.

Investment Thesis

  • Leading market position with recognized, valued brands
  • Strong, demonstrable value proposition of core products
  • Multiple avenues for growth, including new product introductions, channel expansion and geographic expansion
  • Stable, diversified revenue base across varied end markets

Incline Value Enhancement

  • Support organic growth and diversification through additional sales resources and diversification into new channels
  • Invest in R&D capabilities to accelerate new product development
  • Improve operations by consolidating volumes and streamlining processes
  • Pursue strategic M&A opportunities


Buffalo Grove, IL


Specialized Light Manufacturing

Investment Date

December 2018





The management team is proud to have developed high performing, value-added products across a multi-brand platform.  We serve a growing market with continued opportunities to expand penetration of existing products while developing technologies to serve needs in new markets.  Incline’s cultural fit and relevant experience were very important to us when choosing them as our partner for the next phase of growth. Jim Tanner, Chief Executive Officer

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